Day 39 : #100DaysofCode - I updated my github profile page

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Today I saw the following dev.to post from Waylon Walker and I was inspired.

Within the comment section I saw the profile of Mpho Mphego:

GitHub logo mmphego / mmphego

Don't just fork it. Star it, please!

Mpho Mphego was influenced by CyrisXD profile:

& I wanted to create something just like it, except I had no idea how to. So I google searched how to create a css/js typewriter functionality on codepen.io and created the following:

The next step was to figure out how on EARTH do I make that into a gif? Well google helped me out once again and I was able to create one using giphy capture.

What I love about coding is that it allows you to be inspired by others to create something else. However, you should always give credit when credit is due and I would like to thank the people above for their creativity and knowledge.

Check out my updated Github profile below:

Hey there 👋

You have discovered my Github profile.
Please feel free to clone projects, raise issues, and submit pull requests.
Ask me anything here
or just say hey on twitter. 🙂

Check out my repos below ⬇️

Song of the day:

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