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Year in review – running

Strava has published its year in sport app and my stats are in:

  • 2506 km travelled
  • 334 hours of activity
  • 14650 m of elevation gain
  • 271 days active

There are some considerable gains for me compared to last year. I covered 600 km more than last year, spent 125 hours more time doing 150 more activities. I only really had one goal for the year and that was to run over 2000 km, so I can be pleased with that achievement.

As for the rest of the stats, I'm pleased overall, but probably not hugely surprised given my routine of running most days of the week. I suppose the extent of climbing and distance covered is the biggest surprise, since the way I have been running has seen the most change.

Sunday has been my "long run" of the week for a long time now. Until this year, it also used to be more of an adventure, and in my fitter periods I would hope to cover between 20 and 25 km off road. Much of this was jogging or walking of course, but it was certainly the big distance of the week. I'd also achieve one or two running workouts a week, with the other days being easy.

This year, Sunday has still been my long run but it has been much shorter, not often more than 16 km or 10 miles. However, I've also changed to running 5 or 6 days a week, the vast majority of which were reasonable distance easy or moderate efforts. Occasionally I did some speed work but really the importance of running this year was for my mental health rather than anything else. I could even go as far as saying that I was commuting via my morning runs.

Right now I am not going to set any goals for next year, except that I will keep running and try to do so whilst remaining healthy and free from injury.

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