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Paul Strickland

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Lockdown part 2

Here in the UK we are into week two of our second national lockdown. The rules are much like the first, but there is far more activity on the roads than I expected; it really doesn't seem like there has been much change in people's behaviour.

Of course it may be that, like myself, many people have kept their way of life the same ever since the end of March. I often talk to people about this, bemused that anyone has the sense that we ever emerged from a lockdown only to go back into it. For me, I started working from home full time, stopped travelling nearly as much as I used to, avoided busy places even more and that's pretty much how it's stayed.

Because my behaviour has been fairly constant, and because I don't live in an area badly hit by this virus or know people who do, it becomes very difficult to appreciate the changing state of the country. Everything has stayed the same for me. This has had a noticeable effect on my ability to sense time. Because so much of my waking life is broadly similar, telling the time without checking has become surprisingly difficult. And with winter coming, even the daylight seems to conspire to confuse me with its perpetual gloominess: it could be 9am or 3pm and I would struggle to tell the difference.

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