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More dark mornings

Here in the northern hemisphere the mornings are very dark. Despite it happening every year, I always find myself struggling to adapt. We had some brief respite by moving our clocks back an hour, but that advantage is well and truly lost now.

In my evolving year of working remotely, running has installed itself at the start of my day. I guess it's almost like a commute for me now. I have mornings where I can barely function, and others where I spring out of bed, but for the vast majority of the time I head out the door and run for up to an hour. Whatever state I left the house in, when I return I am awake: it's good.

After my run, I have just enough time to shower and dress, make a cup of tea and head into my office. It can be a bit hurried, especially when it's so dark that I head out a few minutes late, but sitting down to start the day by 8am is achievable. It's a routine that works well enough for me that I actually look forward to "heading to work". The run has allowed me to clear my mind and I usually have a good idea of what I need to do during the day.

The end of the day is less well defined, and it's something I still need to work on.

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