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Good Enough

In my technical work and on my more opinionated days, I'd often think to myself (and sometimes say to people) that "good enough" is not good enough. This opinion was only ever intended as a response to poor quality work; and to the idea that you shouldn't strive for perfection in your professional life. I still believe this, but need to acknowledge the downside to this view.

Aiming for perfection in your craft

I think for a living, and sometimes I have to write those thoughts down. That writing should be as good as it can be.

I like to compare it to a craft such as carpentry: if you were making a cabinet, you would strive for it to be perfect – it represents your skill and is responsible for your livelihood.

Writing is no different for me. It is what supports the reputation that people associate with me. Therefore, I hold myself to a high standard.

Expecting too much from a weekend

Each and every weekend so far in 2021 has followed an exhausting routine. I get so excited at the opportunity offered by two whole days of time alone with no commitments. (With lockdowns still in place, going outside at the weekend for me is only for exercise.)

I am poor at estimating the effort required for different activities, especially those hobbies that require learning. This means I overestimate what I can achieve in a weekend. By the end of it, I can be both exhausted and disappointed.

Weekends are supposed to be my opportunity for rest and recreation. I don't want to wake up on a Monday morning feeling exhausted, but also that I've "wasted" a weekend.

Accept imperfection in life

My weekends are precious. They offer me a chance to relax, to focus on a hobby, to read or learn. But it is futile to expect to be able to achieve each and every one of those things every weekend. I need to give myself a break, and accept that a lazy weekend of doing a few bits and pieces or a whole lot of nothing can be good enough.

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