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A new toy

I bought a used Fujifilm X100T about a week ago. The idea of the compact form factor has appealed on and off for a few years, but this year I resolved to try it out. The new X100V looked very nice, but it was too expensive to justify, as was the previous model of the X100F. The one before that, the X100T, however, seemed about right and I've been taking it out on a few weekend walks.

My normal camera is a Canon EOS 7D Mk II. It is a beast of a camera. Although it isn't a full frame camera like its 6D and 5D relatives, it has the metal body and weather sealing of the 5D and the venerable old 20D that first introduced me to DSLRs. I really like that camera, especially its fast autofocus and high shutter speed – perfect for capturing the puddle-splashing antics of my young niece.

The Fujifilm is a completely different experience. The camera is small, light, and a little fiddly compared to the glove-like feel of the Canon. However, it's something you can get used to quite quickly.

I haven't used it enough to comment a great deal, but there are two immediate observations I'd happily make:

  • It is so quiet to shoot
  • It makes me want to take more pictures

The near silence of the shutter must be a combination of the lack of mirror and the leaf shutter. It shouldn't make a lot of difference, but I find myself more willing to take a picture as it seems less obvious, especially when there are people around. Similarly, it might be the novelty of a new toy that inspires me to take it outside, but I think the fact it is quite small and unobtrusive makes me feel less like I am going on a Photography Mission, and more like I am out for a casual stroll with a camera.

The colours of the JPEGs are supposed to be pretty interesting too. I can't say I've got a view either way yet, and nor have I seen what the raw files are like, but that will definitely happen in the near future.

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