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Paul Strickland

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What made today a bit better?

After yesterday’s bad experience, today’s was much better. I didn’t do much differently, but perhaps the little things I did do made a difference. Or perhaps I just slept better. It doesn’t really matter, but for reference here’s what I did differently to yesterday:

  • I started work a bit later. More due to sleeping later, I still felt like I was actively choosing not to rush into the office chair
  • I took breaks. Easier said than done, I spent about half an hour away from the desk every couple of hours. I should do this more
  • I was able to focus. Nowhere near deep work, but I had specific tasks to complete and I achieved them

Looking at those things, it’s almost embarrassing how obvious they are. But I want to make the point to myself that simple, obvious things can be all it takes for a day to be a little bit better.

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