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Paul Strickland
Paul Strickland

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It's funny – the more the nation tries to return to normal, the more of a disconnect I see between the attitudes portrayed in much of the news and the people I work with. As much as I hear about people going back to places, doing activities and seeing people for the first time in months, all I see is no end in sight. At least, not an end that I would recognise.

We've realised that we don't need to all go to an office to do our work, and a lot of us are quite pleased about that realisation, about the prospect of a new way to work and blend that more flexibly with the way we live. Unfortunately, I haven't yet worked out how to work remotely in a way that achieves those aims. And it's getting to me.

Absolutely not helping is the fact that I haven't had a break for over six months. We had some Bank Holidays, and I took every Thursday as leave for eight weeks, but I haven't had a week off, or seen my family, since Christmas. That's what I need to do, and hopefully I will do soon.

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