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Faking a computer glitch w/Python & OBS [Live Coding Recap]

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Streamed: 10/3 on Twitch

This was SUCH a fun stream! We designed and tested a dramatic fake hack/glitch that happens whenever another channel raids us during streams. Such a blast when it all came together at the end!!

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Topic(s): Raid Reaction Production Design and Stream Documentation
Language(s): Python, Javascript
Tech, Lib(s): VSCode, OBS Studio, Elgato Stream Deck (affiliate link), websockets (SocketIO), Flask

During the stream we...

βœ” reviewed some code and helped out viewers with midterm assignments
βœ” used websockets to receive RAID events from Streamlabs
βœ” got the Flask-served browser page playing a raid alert song
βœ” designed a separate scene in OBS to transition to during raids
βœ” purchased a glitch transition to "fake" a computer glitch
βœ” learned how to override default transitions in OBS
βœ” put together a sequence of events that play out during the RAID in OBS
βœ” tested the RAID during an actual RAID! <3

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