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Greeting subscribers w/the Twitch shoutout bot [Live Coding Recap]

Streamed: 10/8 on Twitch

πŸ“’ Streamer tool upgrade! We upgraded the shoutout bot during this live coding session to shoutout to loyal/long-term supporters of the channel (subscribers), as well as added a few admin features so mods can access settings like resetting shoutouts and turning them on and off.

It's quick, easy to deploy, and written completely in Python.

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Topic(s): Adding features to a Twitch shoutout bot
Language(s): Python
Tech, Lib(s): VSCode, Elgato Stream Deck (affiliate link), TwitchIO

During the stream we...

βœ” chased down a wild # for 2 hours (I don't wanna ruin the surprise...)
βœ” renamed the bot the "SOB" (Shout Out Bot) 😜
βœ” created a "reset" command for the shoutout bot
βœ” remembered I left wet laundry in washing machine (oopsies 😬)
βœ” gave the bot an on/off command you can call from chat
βœ” "Shouldn't it be RABBIT-TUDE?" (touche!)
βœ” set up subscriber greetings
βœ” defined basic permissions so mods-only can access settings
βœ” pushed all teh things to dev branch πŸ’ͺ

We also come up with some ideas..

Bigups to viewers and chat for some of these suggestions!

  • A "quoth bot" (quoth's the targeted user's last message)
  • We need random sfx again! WOW
  • Bouncy Ballmer Head featureβ„’ requested

In the next stream..

We'll be giving the bot a voice and adding a text-to-speech/TTS feature. Then, if we have time, we'll set it up to track stream starts/stops and reset the shoutout tracker automatically.

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