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Twitch Bot 101 (Python) [Live Coding Recap]

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Streamed: 10/18 on Twitch

Topic(s): We created a bare-bones Twitch chat bot & companion tutorial post on dev.
Language: Python
Tech & libs used: VSCode, TwitchIO

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During the stream we...

βœ” took a few minutes to get everything up and running cuz what hte heck is going on i got home from work late and im so disoriented 😨
βœ” set up the project and started outlining the tutorial
βœ” jigo ate almonds on mic and i wanted to die
βœ” was then sent unsolicited door pics (r00d)
βœ” finished writing the first draft of the tutorial
βœ” tested and reviewed the tutorial.. so far so good!
βœ” put some polish on the tutorial and edited a bit more
βœ” remembered i forgot do setup & post.. gotta do that soon!
βœ” and then i remembered forgot to do laundry.. AGAIN!
βœ” published draft to dev & reviewed
βœ” chat helped a ton with typos & grammer! ty!
βœ” signed off and raided InGameAsylum.. amazing stream production!

We also came up with some ideas...

  • Doing a git/repo basics stream
  • Advanced topics w/TwitchIO like wrapping event_message and other listeners in decorators so we can use them like @bot.commands - @meortel


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