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Twitch Bot 101 (Python) [Live Coding Recap]

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Streamed: 10/18 on Twitch

Topic(s): We created a bare-bones Twitch chat bot & companion tutorial post on dev.
Language: Python
Tech & libs used: VSCode, TwitchIO

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During the stream we...

✔ took a few minutes to get everything up and running cuz what hte heck is going on i got home from work late and im so disoriented 😨
✔ set up the project and started outlining the tutorial
✔ jigo ate almonds on mic and i wanted to die
✔ was then sent unsolicited door pics (r00d)
✔ finished writing the first draft of the tutorial
✔ tested and reviewed the tutorial.. so far so good!
✔ put some polish on the tutorial and edited a bit more
✔ remembered i forgot do kit.com setup & post.. gotta do that soon!
✔ and then i remembered forgot to do laundry.. AGAIN!
✔ published draft to dev & reviewed
✔ chat helped a ton with typos & grammer! ty!
✔ signed off and raided InGameAsylum.. amazing stream production!

We also came up with some ideas...

  • Doing a git/repo basics stream
  • Advanced topics w/TwitchIO like wrapping event_message and other listeners in decorators so we can use them like @bot.commands - @meortel

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