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Learning C# w/ @AlSweigart [Live Coding Recap]

Streamed: 12/06 on Twitch

πŸ”΄ Watch β‡’ Twitch VOD (replay) Part 1 Part 2

Had a fun, impromptu stream Friday night learning C# with @AlSweigart! :D We took a few of his Python stdio Games and remade them in C#.

Language(s) Used: [C# .NET Core 3.1]
Tech & lib(s) used: VSCode
Project Repository ⭐ CODE

πŸ‘‡ Code & notes from stream down below! :D

During the stream we...

βœ” got set up with C# .NET core 3.1
βœ” made a C# ver of a python app that converts texts sPoNgEboB meme
βœ” made a C# ver of a python app that races snails ....@v

Here's the code we wrote...


Console.WriteLine("c# sPoNgEtExTbY aL sWeIGaRt aNd niNjAbuNnY9000. cOmeNtEr YoUr MeSsAgE:");

// takes text input and passes into spongebob func
string input_text = string.Empty;
string output_text = "O K => ";
bool use_upper = false;
var rand =  new Random();

Console.WriteLine("wHaT Do yoU WaNt to cOnVerT?");

input_text = Console.ReadLine();

// for every character in the text
foreach (var c in input_text) {
    // check if it's an upper or lower
    if (use_upper) {
        output_text += char.ToUpper(c);  // change it to upper
    } else {
        output_text += char.ToLower(c);  // change it to lower

    use_upper = !use_upper;  // flip the case

    // every 10 characters, randomly flip the case again
    if (rand.Next(1,10) == 1) {
        use_upper = !use_upper;  // ;D r YoU sUrE/?

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// TODO: input validation
static void Main(string[] args)
    // part 0) define vars
    const int MAX_NUM_SNAILS = 8;  // TODO
    const int MAX_NAME_LENGTH = 12; // TODO
    const int FINISH_LINE = 60;
    int num_snails = 0;
    var snail_names = new List<string>();
    var snail_progress = new Dictionary<string, int>();
    var rand =  new Random();
    Console.OutputEncoding = System.Text.Encoding.UTF8;

    // part 1) ask how many snails
    // TODO: validate for bad input
    Console.WriteLine("How many snails are racing today? (MAX 8?");
    num_snails = int.Parse(Console.ReadLine());

    // part 2) ask for the snail's names
    // TODO: implement character limit
    for(int i = 0; i < num_snails; i++) {
        Console.WriteLine($"What do you want to name snail #{i}?");
        snail_progress.Add(snail_names[i], 0);

    // part 3) print out the starting line setup
    Thread.Sleep(1500);  // pause before starting the race

    bool racing = true;  // TODO make it a do-while later too

    // part 4) big while loop that does the race
    while (racing) {
        // pause and clear the screen between each frame

        // progress a random snail
        string moving_snail = snail_names[rand.Next(num_snails)];
        snail_progress[moving_snail] += 1;

        // check if snails have finished
        if (snail_progress[moving_snail] >= FINISH_LINE) {
            Console.WriteLine($"{moving_snail} has won!!");
            racing = false;  // exit the program

        // render the snails to the console
        foreach (var snail in snail_names) {
            PrintSnail(snail, snail_progress[snail]);

// TODO: maths so starting line moves to accommodate name length
static void PrintStartingLine(int length) {
    // print starting line 60-spaces from the finish line
    var spaces = new string (' ', length);
    Console.WriteLine($"    |{spaces}|");

// TODO: align the snail's names (better)
static void PrintSnail(string name, int pos) {
    // print spaces and then the snail's name
    var offset = new string (' ', 5);
    var spaces = new string (' ', pos);
    Console.WriteLine("   " + spaces + name);
    // print number of dots of position and the snail
    var dots = new string ('.', pos);
    Console.WriteLine("    " + dots + "@v");
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Live Coding Schedule

That pretty much wraps things up for this stream. If you have any questions about the code, Python, or any of the tech used in general - swing by during a live stream and say hello!

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