Storing Bot Commands in JSON Objects [Live Coding Recap]

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Live Coding Stream Recaps (14 Part Series)

1) Unique reactions to Twitch raids [Live Coding Recap] 2) Faking a computer glitch w/Python & OBS [Live Coding Recap] 3 ... 12 3) Shout-out chat bot in Python [Live Coding Recap] 4) Greeting subscribers w/the Twitch shoutout bot [Live Coding Recap] 5) Adding TTS to the Twitch Shoutout Bot [Live Coding Recap] 6) Twitch Bot 101 (Python) [Live Coding Recap] 7) Persistent Data w/JSON [Live Coding Recap] 8) Storing Bot Commands in JSON Objects [Live Coding Recap] 9) A Better Quoting System [Live Coding Recap] 10) Refactoring a Python Bot [Live Coding Recap] 11) Are you a 10x Developer? [Live Coding Recap] 12) SFX & Derp Wars (a Dope Wars clone) [Live Coding Recap] 13) A Text-Based Battle Royale?? [Live Coding Recap] 14) Learning C# w/ @AlSweigart [Live Coding Recap]

Streamed: 10/24 on Twitch

Topic(s): Command-system using persistent data with JSON & a simple permissions system
Language: Python, JSON
Tech & libs used: VSCode, TwitchIO

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During the stream we...

✔ tested out new stream scenes
✔ got raided by kim & lana
✔ generated commands from json data
✔ made a command for adding commands to the json
✔ made a simple permissions system
✔ got raided by mr_sport && codinggarden at the same time!
✔ wrapped things up with a few games of fortnite with theprimeagen & friends

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