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Persistent Data w/JSON [Live Coding Recap]

Streamed: 10/22 on Twitch

Topic(s): We created a persistent data system for the Twitch Bot
Language: Python, JSON
Tech & libs used: VSCode, TwitchIO

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During the stream we...

✔ showed off some new features and went over updates to the repo
✔ identify where we already have hardcoded infos
✔ got distracted by a bug with the tts system
✔ took a break and ate sum noms
✔ created a json settings file for persistent data
✔ answered some viewer's question
✔ setup a config obj and interfaced w/it
✔ made tts, sfx, and shoutouts enable/disable settings persistent
✔ moved the FAQ to json & generated commands from it
✔ tried to get it writing the commands... but THINGS BROKE
✔ prime raided - 1337H4X
✔ fixed the thing! FAQ's are writing to JSON now! yay
✔ broke another thing - will tackle next stream

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Alvin Crespo

This just popped up in my feed and I love this concept! Gonna watch the video laterz.

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💾 bun9000

awesome, lemme know what you think! i'm posting another article tomorrow for tonight stream recap that'll have some code examples in it too. we used json to store persistent data for a quote system. :D