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Million.js: 10 Minute Docs Audit

Millioin is a virtual DOM replacement for React. Practically this makes React apps more performant.

I run a technical documentation business specializing in writing and editing documentation. I made this series to share my insights and help projects craft impactful documentation.

What's The Criteria?

3- Excellent
2 - OK
1 - Poor

Purposeful: Does the QuickStart explain what problem it's trying to solve? Who is the intended audience?

UX Experience: How seamless is the experience? Must the user create an account to get through the Quickstart? Does the Quickstart elicit a sense of joy and achievement?

Accurate: Are the instructions correct? Are they complete?

The Results

Like many apps that promise performance gains, as a newbie, I didn't know if I had a data-heavy React app that needed optimizing. The QuickStar didn't come with an application ready to go, and I had to quickly spin up my own create react app, CRA. This felt like an interruption in my workflow.

Once I installed Million on my CRA, I realized the docs didn't make it obvious for me to test if Million indeed improved the performance of my app. So, I quickly created another CRA sans Million and checked the load speed of both applications. Million was faster and loaded in under 1 second. This was cool to see in action, and I wish this hands-on-test existed in the documentation.

All in all, the Getting Started section was ok- but I would have preferred to come out of that part of the docs with a working app, or an interactive way to test a site w/ Million.js installed.

Purposeful 2
UX Experience 1.5
Accurate 2

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