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I created a bot


I recently used GitHub actions

And it is really amazing. I was so determined to make use of everything I have from my free GitHub account that I was so mad that I did not know this earlier.

Why it is awesome

  1. Github Gives Hosting For De Bot
  2. Github Marketplace is amazing
  3. It is Free
  4. Simple to use

Here is How to use:

  1. Create a .yml file in a /.github/workspaces directory
  2. put these essential info:

    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
      - uses: dependency
      - run: shell or python file or something from dependency
        shell: shellllll
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This is not a real example so don't copy this...

These are made using YAML syntax, so it might be a little unfamiliar as it is not a scripting language. But this is a very simple to learn deployment language, and you can get used to it in a few hours (if only using it for actions).

You can run a scripting language in actions and fortunately, you can write python to make bots! (so kids, learn Python. It's useful. You probably know Bash if you don't know Python)
Shell types

My current bots:

There are, of course more elements to make an action. But still, I am a beginner. I am currently using Platane/snk dependency for a nice snake animation on my

So, that's all for now!

I just want to say how good actions are and how easy it is to make one. Don't worry, the GitHub docs are really readable. Go to the sources down there 👇. Thanks for reading!


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