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Elastic File System (EFS)

Let us learn about a third type storage EFS. This is kind of storage that is a network file system. The main advantage of this service is that it can mount over 100's of EC2 instances across multiple availability zones. All these EC2 instances will see the same files as in our EFS volume.

Lets see all the advantages of EFS system:-

  • Can be mounted our 100's of Ec2 instances
  • Is automatically scalable, you only pay for what you are using like if you use 2GB of storage you only pay for that
  • Its available across multiple AZ, regions

Disadvantages of using EFS:

  1. Its very costly
  2. It only works with Linux instances

To get around the cost aspect AWS has provisioned another type EFS which provides up to 92% saving over our EFS volumes and its called EFS -IA by IA they mean infrequent access. To use this you just have to setup a policy to when to move files from EFS standard to EFS-IA. In this files are moved to a different storage class when they are accessed very rarely and can be accessed in the same way as normal files. If the file is accessed again then its again moved to standard class of storage. This provides a lot of flexibility in using EFS.

Next we will study about a windows file system called Amazon FSx.

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