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EC2 instance store(Physical high IOPS hard drive for AWS)

We studied about network drives in the last two parts of the series (EBS). What if we need an actual physical drive connected to our EC2 instance. For that we use EC2 instance store. Some drives are connected to EC2 they are called Ec2 instance store. These are used when we need very high performance on our disk, these disks may provide up to millions of IOPS for our EC2 instance.

The first question that comes to mind is why are they not the default storage that are connected to our EC2 store. They have some drawbacks as listed below:-

  1. These lose there storage once the EC2 instance is turned off
  2. You have to maintain your own backups
  3. The data is also lost on hardware failures.
  4. All these things make them good only for cache, temporary content

All in all EC2 instance store is very fast but is not very reliable. So, use it carefully.

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