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VR Phone game #howhardcanitbe

The Beginnings

I have previously made small openGL games for android devices, so when my daughter got a VR headset for her birthday I thought How hard can it be to create my own VR game.

The Plan

So as far as a plan goes:

  • To display the 3D world in "real" 3D, I plan on having a left and right quad, each filling half the screen and rendered with a texture which is generated from the same world with slightly different camera angles.
  • I wanted to make use of a controller to interact with the world, as this was the one downfall of a lot of the free games that I tried.
  • I will need to make use of the phones gyro so the player can look around.
  • Finally, having only ever developed Android apps in Java and hearing so many good things about Kotlin, I wanted to give the language a try.

Getting Started

Whenever I start any openGL Android project I always start with the Android developer's Displaying graphics with OpenGL ES tutorial.
Thankfully, since the last time I went through the tutorial, they have added Kotlin examples which makes the process of changing languages a lot easier.

What's Next

The next post shall include generating the two Quads, rendering a scene off screen using framebuffers and applying these as textures to the Quads.

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