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HacktoberFest week 3

  • HacktoberFest continues, issues have been assigned, code has been written pushed and accepted. The third week over and I have four PRs accepted. Number 4 was accepted right at the end of week 2.

Pull Request #4

I made some more CSS art cards for the memory game. I did six this time and they were accepted and will be added to the game.

Week Three

This week was busy and focused on other things. Monday our adult cat was sick and had to dropped at the vet. They couldn't fit in an appointment but would check him when the was a break between appointments.

End of day found out he had a fever and was dehydrated but well enough to come home with medicine.

Tuesday was a scheduled vet for new kittens. and new from test from adult cat. Got more medicine for him. He's doing much better by the weekend.

Tuesday was also the start MagnoliaJs. It's a hybrid conference so they did stream the talks and have a discord. It continued on Wednesday.

Plus Monday I got an interview request for Thursday. I spent plenty of time researching the company and had a introductory call. Next step will be a steaming code test.

With all that I'm only now pushing PR#5.

Pull Request #5

I transcribed a podcast. They had some auto generated stuff but it needed improvement. So I listened and re-listened to the podcast to get the transcription more accurate.

It's sort of straight forward till it's not. It's got a method to checktime stamps. The checker was giving me an error but not where so I had re read all my changes to find which time stamp I messed up.

It took a while digging through commits but I found it.


Not sure how much time I'll have this week. I'm reviewing the stack for the job. Next interview isn't scheduled yet but I need to get practice in now cause I've not used some of the languages in a while.

I have passed the official requirement of 4PRs but would like to get more done. We will see.

Keep hacking.

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