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Hacktoberfest is coming

Hacktoberfest is coming and this year DEV is teaming up with Hackotoberfest founder Digital Ocean to bring new badges to DEV.

Read DEV's HacktoberFest 2023 page. to learn what is going on here.

Visit the Official HacktoberFest page this is where you go to sign up on September 26. Sign up here then prepare for the month.

Dev's Hacktoberfest preview blog.

I've participated in Hacktoberfest for three years, last year I even maintained a project. I've had four or more pull request accepted each of the the last three years.

I've got to collaborate on some cool projects. I've earned t-shirts, stickers, holopins, and DEV badges. Although I'm missing the 2021 one.

This year Digital Ocean is not giving out shirts or stickers. It's an expense thing, but you can earn digital pins and have a tree planted. Some companies offer incentives to earn their swag so look for them as you search for projects.

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Those PRs include code, documentation, transcribing podcasts, and even writing some templates for a repo. It's been an enjoyable time and I'm ready to do it again.




DEV hacktoberFest22 Badge. Wireframe sphere with a capital H

This is my pledge to participate in HacktoberFest 2023. Are you joining the fun this year?

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j3ffjessie profile image

Will be interesting to see the participation this year with zero swag being provided for participation versus the developers that just want to contribute for the sake of contributing. Doubt the numbers get shared but counting on a huge drop.

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Chris Jarvis

I'm expecting a drop. I know that purpose is too contribute to OS but the swag gave a bit off geek cred at events.