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2023 Black Friday & Cyber Monday for Developers

It's Thanksgiving and the holiday season has started. The sales are starting. Many education sites are holding black Friday and cyber Monday sales. This is a great week to find a gift for someone whose continuing their education.

This post is published on Wednesday, I will update it as more sales are announced. Most these sales are just this weekend so shop and plan accordingly.

Learn new coding skills

Codecademy you can save 50% off of Pro annual subscription with the use of code CYBER23. Coupon code will be at the top of the page.

CSS for JS
Josh W. Comeau's CSS for JavaScript Developers is 50% off till the end of the month. Offer is for the full course of 10 modules.
CSS for JS

Data Camp
Save 50% off an annual Premium Plan. Usually $299/ year currently $149/year. Data Camp covers R, Python, and SQL.

Save 40% on UX/UI Design classes.
Use CYBER40 to get 40% OFF Everything Store wide. Sale ends Saturday November 26.

Interaction Design UX Courses
Save 25% on an annual access to over 33 to Interaction Design's UX design courses.
Interaction Design

Juila Evans
Friday, November 24th only, all their PDF zines will be 50% off, and print zines will be 30% off. Julia Evans has some great illustrated programming zines.

Not Just DEV
50% off Not Just Dev Mobile developer packages Nov 23-27. They have Frontend sale $124, Fullstack $175, and Ultimate with group Coaching $249.
[Not Just Dev][njd]

Plurasight is offering 50% off subscription till Dec 5th.
Standard subscriptions are normally $299 reduced to $149. Premium usually $449 are $224. This offer expires on 11:59 PM MT on December 5th, 2023. There's tons of content here.

Right now, till November 24 many courses are $9.99. If you see a interesting course on sale, go for it. If it's full price, wait a while and check back.

Vue Mastery
Save over 60% off an annual subscription normally $300, currently $120 paid annually.
Vue mastery

Vue School
60% off an annual subscription normally $300 on sale for $120. Lifetime membership normally $900 is $399. Discounts on 3 month plan for $49.
Vue School

Wes Bos
Wes has all his premium courses for 50% off this week. This is the only sale he has for the year. He has several courses on JavaScript or JavaScript frameworks. These are $69 for the next few days.

  • Master Gatsby
  • Beginner JavaScript
  • ES6 for Everyone
  • Fullstack Advanced React and GraphQL
  • React For Beginners
  • Learn Node
  • Sublime Text Power User

He also has free courses. JavaScript30 is a 30-day challenge on vanilla JavaScript. Mastering Markdown is a good primer for using markdown. Learn Redux covers Redux, React Router, and React.
Wes Bos

For the FreeLancer

Freelancer Bundle
Kyle Prinsloo's Complete Freelancing Bundle is $45 usually $197. Contains ebooks, web site templates, and business templates.
Kyle Prinsloo


Remember these sales end soon. But the net is forever. If you're reading this post after November the sales are over.

Many companies offer other sale during the year so subscribe to their newsletters for alerts on future sales.

I have used some of the programs but not all.

Add to the list
Know of anymore good deals? Share deals in the comments and I'll add them to the post.

Did you get anything? Are you gifting any courses?


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