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HacktoberFest Week two

  • HacktoberFest continues, issues have been assigned, code has been written pushed and accepted. The second week is almost over and I have three PRs accepted.

Pull Request #3

My next Pull request was for a game called Tiny Troves of Dev Wisdom. It's a unity 2D game and they need some more content.
I added a couple pieces of developer advice.


I realized almost every year I'm submitted code to a game of some sort.

  • 2020 Twitter code bot. Added some trivia questions to the bot.
  • 2021 Wrote some documentation for a canvas project. Explored another game project but couldn't help them.
  • 2022 CodeThesaurus added some Documentation. Wrote some best practices.
  • 2023 Already Memory Game and Tiny Troves of Dev Wisdom

Virtual Coffee

Every year Virtual Coffee has a kickoff event for our members. It's to build community and welcome newer devs to open source. There's a beginner friendly project to welcome new members that we all do . Since it 1st issue I also do something else for the site.

  • 2020 added Favicon, modified JS to place VC founders at top of member list.
  • 2021 wrote Pull Request Templates
  • 2022 Transcribed two podcasts.
  • 2023 Working on transcribing another podcast episode.


I'm working on two more issues. This week was also Fall Break so lots of family stuff going on.


Last week I had my Hacktoberfest Article shared in the Dev HacktoberFest wrap up.

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