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HacktoberFest Week One

HacktoberFest has begun, issues have been assigned, code has been written pushed and accepted. The first week is almost over and I have two PRs accepted.

Pull Request # 1

My Hacktoberfest began with the Virtual Coffee kick off event. Dan lead the group to update our site. This year's project was to show our members across the world. The Virtual Coffee site now has a world map.

We added pins to show member's location in the world by adding a location object to our profiles. Then added a 2023 badge to member's avatar. I also took the time to update the socials on my profile.

All in one PR for my first PR of the month. That's enough to earn a tree. One of the changes this year is Digital Ocean will plant a tree in your name after the first PR is accepted, not the fourth as in previous years.

I think that's to help reduce spam PRs. You still need four accepted PRs to complete the challenge but one get a tree planted in your name at some point in the future.

Pull Request #2

Next up I got to help on a game. They are building a memory game. The game works but they wanted to some new cards.
The maintainers asked for the cards to fit the retro look of the original game and the had to be kid friendly.

I used CSS to make four emoji inspired themed cards for the game. This was fun and I have a few ideas from more.

a heart shape

Second KickOff event

I also attended Digital Ocean and Major league Hacking's Kickoff event. They gave a brief history of HacktoberFest the had various partner companies present their Repos and how people could help. Holopin was there and attendees earned a special holo pin.

It's been an fun first week of HacktoberFest. I'm looking for more Repos to hack on.

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