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Chris Jarvis
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HacktoberFest Wrap Up

Hacktoberfest is over. For the fourth year I have completed the challenge of having 4 or more pull requests accepted. This year I submitted 5 PRs.

There were many changes this year. The most talked about being no physical swag. I miss the shirt, it was cool and good for conversation starters at events. But I understand the expense and logistics were too much.

The fact that they planted a tree for people after their first PR was accepted probably also help cut the spam.

Congratulations! Your fourth and final Hacktoberfest 2023 pull/merge request has been approved as a quality contribution.

I think it did cut down on spam PRs. But talking with other developers it may have cut down on maintainers making issues. I heard some say they had troubles find good issues this year.

I tried to find stuff via the official site but couldn't find stuff that spoke to me. I ended up working with people I already knew from online communities.

This year there wasn't time this year to run my own project. October was a busy month for our house. Fall break, doc appointments, two trips, and adopting some kittens.

You can read my story in earlier parts of this series. One of them was even mentioned in the DEV HacktoberFest post so that was a nice win.

What is next? Well November is also National Novel Writing Month. Virtual Coffee does our own take on it. We collectively blog for the month.

Last year as a group we hit almost 107,000 words. I personally hit 4,528. I intend to break that amount this year.

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Michael Tharrington

Way to go, Chris!! 🙌 Appreciate ya participating in Hacktoberfest.