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Day 64 Of 100DayOfCode: Data Visualization Using Matplotlib

Durga Pokharel
A mathematics student learning to code.
・1 min read

Today is my 64th day of #100DayOfcode and #python. Like yesterday today also learned more from Datacamp. Completed some chapter related to matplotlib. Here is one code to visualize data with the help of histogram.


# Scatter plot
plt.scatter(gdp_cap, life_exp)

# Previous customizations
plt.xlabel('GDP per Capita [in USD]')
plt.ylabel('Life Expectancy [in years]')
plt.title('World Development in 2007')

# Definition of tick_val and tick_lab
tick_val = [1000, 10000, 100000]
tick_lab = ['1k', '10k', '100k']

# Adapt the ticks on the x-axis
plt.xticks(tick_val, tick_lab)

# After customizing, display the plot
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