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How to get the Kickflip powerup in Super Mario Bros. (Bday Game 2)

hesto22 profile image Carter Hesterman ・1 min read

The Second Game

After the amount of fun I had making my first game, I decided to follow it up for my other brother. Between the 3 of us, we have had some fairly competitive Super Smash Bros games over the years. I've always played as Samus, the youngest would play as Falco, and the birthday boy would always play as Mario. He's never been a particularly huge Mario fan but has always played him (surprisingly well) in Smash. In addition to Smash, this brother and I had recently been through a Tony Hawk "Renaissance" in which we played the third game for hours on end trying to get ridiculous scores together. If you've played Tony Hawk 3, you will be familiar with the tune that begins about halfway through the game (00:51).

The inside scoop

While some of my games have some more "you had to be there to get it" references, this one is pretty straight forward. It is essentially a Mario game in which you get a skateboard that makes your foes explode, there is nothing more to it aside from it just feels great! At the end, you have to defeat Samus and Falco as a homage back to our days of competitive Smash Bros. Melee between the 3 of us.

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