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Podcast Palooza— What are you listening to? (Self-Help Edition)

Welcome welcome!

My name is Rachel (they/them) and I am on a quest to talk to more people about podcasts because I listen to a genuinely an obscene amount of podcasts, and I am hoping some of you do too (maybe this is wishful thinking). This series is in lieu of Music Monday as well, so if you are in more of a music mood today, no worries! Head on over to Michael's series and tell us what is on your current playlist instead.

What We Are Working With

This week I am looking for all of your wellness, self-help, self-contemplation, listening to yourself, monitoring yourself, listening-to-others-tell-you-how-they-solve-their-problems-so-you-can-better-solve-yours-podcasts. Tell me what podcast is helping you learn more about yourself and (with any luck) become a better person.

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In case you forgot, we also have a podcast tag here for your listening musings, sharing your very special new episodes, and finding new things from people on the internet. What more could you want!!!!


Audiophiles unite! Learn on the go with dev podcasts, there are lots of different shows about lots of topics, done in a lot of different styles so hopefully you can find some that suit your needs.

Thank you thank you for being here, and also, if you plan on commenting down below give yourself a little pat on the back for trying to become a better person. That is pretty cool. We should all try to be more like you, I think.

Goodbye for now,

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webbureaucrat profile image

I have one that sort of fits the genre: Cautionary Tales by Tim Hartford.

At first glance, it doesn't fit the "self help" genre at all: it's a storytelling podcast, basically a history podcast. But what that misses is that each tale has a moral. It ends up being a show largely about different types of common personal biases, how to overcome them, and what happens when you don't.

rachelfazio profile image
Rachel Fazio

Ooo! Followed this one.... I have loved Pushkin's podcasts in the past.
I used to listen to Talk Easy a lot, loved this episode by them.

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Rachel Fazio

Hi hi! I have recently dipped a bit into Maintenance Phase, which works through different trends, assumptions, and myths about medical/health phenomenons and have liked what I have seen thus far!

ALSO special mention also to the Chani Nicholas podcast on astrology of course,,,,,,,,

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Ghost killer

Eminem loose your self

rachelfazio profile image
Rachel Fazio