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Podcast Palooza— What are you listening to? (History Edition)

I'm here again! Welcome back!

I'm Rachel (they/them) and I am humbly confessing to you all that I struggle to function if I do not listen to at least 3 podcast episodes a day. It has become my nature, I love it, I feel more educated, and I would love to talk to you about podcasts.

If you're not feeling like sharing a podcast today, we also have a Music Monday here for ya to join! Go get in there!

What We Are Working With

This week I am wanting to expand upon a genre that I, admittedly, don't spend enough time indulging!!!! We are here to chat about all your history-related podcasts. Comment down below some podcasts themed around historical storytelling, historical breakdowns of major events, historical inventions, and all the like, I wanna hear them.

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Here again to say that we also have a podcast tag for your listening musings, sharing your very special new episodes, and finding new things from people on the internet. Woohoo! Check it out.


Audiophiles unite! Learn on the go with dev podcasts, there are lots of different shows about lots of topics, done in a lot of different styles so hopefully you can find some that suit your needs.

I'm happy to have ya here and also a reminder that if you don't have any historical podcasts to share, feel absolutely free to share below a podcast that you listened to that you liked in any other genre. I don't care! I am just happy to be here.

Ta ta for now,

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Griff Polk • Edited

Twenty Thousand Hertz. It is a podcast all about the history of famous sounds such as sonic logos like Netflix’s tudum, the Hulu sonic logo, and other famous sounds like the omnipresent Wilhelm scream. Listen here.

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Rachel Fazio

Incredible. Love this!

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Rachel Fazio

Reminds me of

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Michael Tharrington

Hope ya don't mind me responding with video essayists!

I really enjoy watching YouTuber Johnny Harris's videos. The range of coverage varies, but he and his team often cover history in some way. For instance, he has a great series called How The Use Stole which takes a hard look at US History and outlines some of the self-serving, cruel, and corrupt moves the United States has made to seize or abuse foreign lands. Here's an example from that series called How the US Stole Puerto Rico!

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Rachel Fazio

Ooo! Okay!