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Podcast Palooza— What are you listening to? (Best-of-all-time edition)

Hi hi hi! Welcome back to Podcast Palooza, where I am on a valiant mission to get the people talking about podcasts.

If today you are not in the mood to share a podcast, we also have Music Monday for all your listening-discussion needs! 🎶

Call for the best podcast you have ever listened to...

This week I am keeping things light, mostly because I have been in a listening lull (finding books are more my jam as of late!) and am searching for some inspiration.

SO— tell me your favorite episode or series of all time. This can be what you would show anyone who is looking to start getting into podcasts, your favorite words ever said aloud, or an episode that made you laugh the hardest— broad interpretations encouraged.

GIF of Jack Nicholson in an interview saying, "Is that enough for you?"

PS: We also have a podcast tag for your listening musings, sharing your very special new episodes, and finding new things from other people on the internet. Check it out.


Audiophiles unite! Learn on the go with dev podcasts, there are lots of different shows about lots of topics, done in a lot of different styles so hopefully you can find some that suit your needs.

PPS: CodeNewbie Podcast is on it's 27th season this year!

Our second episode of this season just came out with our host @saronyitbarek and @aaspinwall, Frontend Engineer at Amazon. Listen to our most recent episode wherever you get your pods:

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Listen right here on DEV

See ya next week!

Top comments (3)

rachelfazio profile image
Rachel Fazio

Okay I will start!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This episode from Radiolab is for real one of my favorite podcast episodes of all time. The storytelling, the power of medicine, the historical context, this episode rocked.

michaeltharrington profile image
Michael Tharrington

Hmmmm... I'm gonna have to think on this one for a bit. You know, I really wanna find a good freaky horror podcast... I think I would like something like that.

rachelfazio profile image
Rachel Fazio

SWEET. Would love to hear this when ya have it.