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Podcast Palooza— What are you listening to? (Interview Edition)

It's me, Rachel (they/them), and I am back again with another Podcast Palooza. You know the deal, we are talking all things podcasts.

If you're not feeling like sharing a podcast today, we also have a Music Monday here for ya to join! 🎶

What We Are Working With

This week we are going back to basics— interview podcasts. We are talking bare-to-the-bones, sitting on a couch with a mic and a sheet of questions, interview show. Send me your favorite interview series, episode of someone specific, video/podcast-style-content, and all the like.

Broad interpretations encouraged and completely random and unrelated podcasts are also encouraged.

Video of Barry Keogan on Hot Ones clapping and saying Thank You

Hey! We also have a podcast tag for your listening musings, sharing your very special new episodes, and finding new things from people on the internet. Woohoo! Check it out.


Audiophiles unite! Learn on the go with dev podcasts, there are lots of different shows about lots of topics, done in a lot of different styles so hopefully you can find some that suit your needs.

Thank you and excited to hear what ya have to say,

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michaeltharrington profile image
Michael Tharrington • Edited

As for music interviewers, I quite like Nardwuar... he can be incredibly disarming with his goofy personality + obscure knowledge of whoever he is interviewing. Also, gotta love the reaction he gets outta folks when he gives them gifts.

The range of interviews is wild too. Some interviewees love him, some despise him. Notably, he's not afraid to press on sensitive topics haha.

Here's one of his classic interviews with N.E.R.D.

Anyway, that's all I got for now. Keep on rockin' in the free world! Doot doola doot doo...

rachelfazio profile image
Rachel Fazio

Oh my goodness do I love Nardwuar.

rachelfazio profile image
Rachel Fazio

I love the podcast "We Can Do Hard Things" and really enjoyed hearing about their friendship with adrienne maree brown!!!!

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Athreya aka Maneshwar
rachelfazio profile image
Rachel Fazio

Wow I don't think I have ever listened to this full song! Thanks for sharing.