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Dev.to Review #4: Top 7 Of The Week, Discussed

dangolant profile image Daniel Golant with malik Updated on ・1 min read

Malik and I got together to chat about the top 7 articles on dev.to for the week of 10/15/18.

This week, we discuss professional development, working remote, local dev with .NET on macOS/Linux, and more!

Any thoughts on this week's episode? Sound off in the comments!

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The top 7 discussed this week were:


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This was a great overview! Thank you!

After listening, I realized after reading my own comments that I didn't really address my opinion about junior developers working remotely.

I personally of the opinion that the in-person, built-in mentorship is one of the biggest benefits of being a junior developer. I don't personally need that right now in my career but as someone self-taught, I REALLY needed to be in office at early on. It also helped me formulate my developer interests, strengths, etc when I was around strong mentors. Not every in-person job has great mentorship, but it definitely lowers the barrier.

Now in my career, remote mentorship is significantly easier for me as a mentee because I know what I need and know how to ask for it. I think working remotely becomes way better once you have the context of who you are as a developer. It might be more difficult for a junior to have the confidence to know what questions to ask, what they need from the mentor, etc. without that in-person contact.


Totally agreed! I know the time that I spent physically there at the company was absolutely invaluable and there are total nuances in relation to being a developer like technical communication that would've been harder to learn if I was a remote employee.

That being said, with technology these days there are probably companies that have a great remote mentoring culture, and could support it. In that case, maybe a junior remote developer could work :)


Agreed, but I think this holds even if you have a formal education. It's just a hard thing to do! Like I said, if someone figures out how to facilitate this as a service, they'll end up wealthy.


I think a fun addition to these discussions could be the inclusion of an editors choice post. One post that didn't meet the top 7 criteria, but that there editors felt like giving an honorable mention.

I run across a lot of posts that are great but don't make it into the top 7.

Keep up the great work!


Funnily enough, we were just talking about including some other posts on Monday. We've been trying to get the run time short enough to provide value but not devolve into us just chatting aimlessly, but I think something like each of us alternating a pick each week might be cool. Thanks for the suggestion!


oooooh joel with the great ideas! love the idea of a host's choice.

definitely writing this down to potentially add to the next episode!


Love the overview. Props Daniel for being able to say my last name CORRECT on the first try ;). I love the critique's and the rundown on my post. Can't wait to hear the next one Daniel and Malik!!


glad to hear that you liked it lewis :)


Appreciate it, Lewis! We actually tried to review names before we started this time so I am glad it paid off :)