Technologies in 2020 I would like to learn.

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What is AWS? A Guide for Beginners.

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#discussWhat was your last dev related Google Search?

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Reflecting On the Biggest Trends on the Web in 2018

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Brutalist Web Design. A Breath of Fresh Air in the Modern Web

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#discussWhat almost made you give up programming?

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JAMstack. How sites are becoming even faster in a bloated web.

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#discussHow do you feel about changing naming terms?

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Bad Habits Developers Should Fix

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Reflecting Back On Yourself as a Developer

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The Imposter Syndrome. Why you feel like a fake.

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#discussHow would you define a Full Stack Developer and what role do they play in the company?

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How to Fix Burnout as a Developer

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How to Create Beautiful SVG Animations Easily

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Hi, I'm Lewis

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