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Waylon Walker
Waylon Walker

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tmux targeted session

This is something that I made up but use every single day, this is what keeps much of what is on my blog or my teams private work wiki going. I have a few very important directories that I have assigned directly to a hotkey for fast
session switching.

bind -n M-i new-session -A -s waylonwalker_com "cd ~/git/ && nvim"
bind i popup -E -h 95% -w 95% -x 100% "tmux new-session -A -s waylonwalker_com 'cd ~/git/ && nvim'"
bind -n M-I popup -E "tmux new-session -A -s waylonwalker_com 'cd ~/git/ && nvim'"
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This one is building off of yeserday's new-session post, make sure you check that one out as well.

Be sure to check out the full YouTube playlist and subscribe if you like it.

tmux playlist on youtub

Also check out this long form post for more about how I use tmux.

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