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Waylon Walker
Waylon Walker

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fly through project with tmux sessions

Now your creating, jumping, and killing sessions like a boss. You are slicing through projects with ease, let me show you one more thing that can be the cream on top of this silky smooth setup we have been working towards.

Chris Toomey's Tmux Course

This script is simply my fork of Chris Toomey's tat script straight out of his course. It helps us create or jump to project specific sessions with ease.

a directory of projects

My version of the ta script will let you pass it a directory, and it will give you a fuzzy popup.

ta ~/git
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setting up a keybinding

bind C-g display-popup -E "ta ~/git"
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default layout

By default I have my projects open with a vertical split, vim is on top, with my file finder open and the lower split is set to just my terminal. This is what I do 90% of the time that I open a project anyways.


More projects

I also have a directory setup that is a symlink-gallery of all of my projects, both private and public. This makes it easy to have one key that lets me see all of my projects.

rm -rf ~/projects
mkdir ~/projects
ln -sf ~/work/* ~/projects
ln -sf ~/git/* ~/projects
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article cover for <br>
 Create a Virtual File Gallery with Symlinks<br>

☝️This post covers how I combine all my projects into a single directory.

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gjorgivarelov profile image
gjorgivarelov • Edited

tmux is the tool that, had I learned to use it better than just the basics, would've carried me over the finish line on my failed RHCE exam.
Great explanation and demo! Thank you.