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Waylon Walker
Waylon Walker

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floating popups in tmux

Tmux popups are actually floating windows that you can drag around the screen. They always open in the middle (by default) when you open them, no matter where you leave them.

Here are a couple of keybindings I use to open up popup windows.

bind C-g display-popup -E "ta ~/git"
bind -n M-g display-popup -E "tmux new-session -A -s scratch"
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Be sure to check out the full youtube playlist and subscribe if you like it.

Also check out this long form post for more about how I use tmux.

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Matt Curcio

Tmux is on my list of tools to use more extensively. I know the basics but it seems I haven't 'crossed' the threshold of it being useful to me as a novice. (If that makes sense to you...)