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ChatCraft v2.0.0

Finally, Its the last week of semester and we had our last class of Open Source Development Project with David Humphrey. I would like to thank David for being my professor and mentor. I've taken 30 courses in Seneca and I would like to say that the three courses by David Humphrey were the one in which I learnt the most, i.e two open source courses which enhanced my github profile, gained confidence in git skills. Also before the courses ,I always wanted to contribute in Open Source but had no idea where to start from. I would also like to thank Taras Glek for giving me an opportunity to work on Working on ChatCraft has been the biggest project I've ever worked on till date.

This week contributions

PR 600

This PR was a small one but It became very difficult for me as I got stuck with focus stuff on it.

The goal of this PR was to have a search bar to search between models and have pointer to currently selected model. It was glad to see that everyone wanted this PR to be merged as this was very benificial for selecting models in providers such as OpenRouter which have many models to select from.

The changes look like:


The hurdle in merging this PR:

The major issue this PR had was Input bar going out of focus when the menu was rendered again based on the query entered in the search bar. Resizing of the menu changed our mouse cursor to somewhere else, on another MenuItem which caused focus to go away from input. This was the default behavior of how ChakraUI/ ChakraMenu behaves so we coudn't modify it. After trying many options possible and still not able to get that. At the end David helped us to solve this by setting input to focus again on keyDown event.

Review 597

Apart from merging the PR above, i also reviewed another PR of my classmate Katie which was based on an issue suggested by me while reviewing one of her previous PRs.

After testing the functionality and looking at the code structure, I approved the PR so that she could merge it.

Overall Contributions to ChatCraft over the past 3 months

At first when I was first told that I'll be working on ChatCraft, I was scared thinking that how would I understand a codebase of such a big project.
Till date, I merged 11 PRs with addition of over 650 lines of code which is pretty good for someone who just started with this.


I ended this course with building many cool features for ChatCraft including share message functionality, made it easier to switch between providers, fixed some bugs, search bar for models and many more.

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