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Release v1.9.0 -

Sheriff duties this week

This week being the sheriff, I had several duties including conduct triage meeting, actively respond to any mentions in PRs or ChatCraft's discord server in order to get all the PRs in the milestone merged before the release time.

In order to achieve the above, I accomplished the below in this week:

  1. PR 580 Merged
  2. PR 584 Review
  3. PR 577 Review
  4. PR 573 Review
  5. Release v1.9.0

PR 580

The PR_580 is fixing an issue related to import command with trailing backslash for github blob URLS. So this is not a chatcraft related issue but this a URL behavior issue.

The issue was that when users tried to run /import command with a github blob Url with trailing backslash:

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This would return us 400 error whereas if same was passed without / at the end

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It would return us the expected output i.e contents of the file.

Later while debugging, I found that if github blob urls dont support trailing backslash, If there's a trailing backslash it returns bad request.

I fixed the issue by adding a replace function with regex to remove / if its at the end.

PR Reviews

This week I reviewed 3 other Pull requests for ChatCraft.

Final Release

The Final and most exciting part for the week was releasing v1.9.0. After merging all the approved PRs and closing the milestone. I went forward and release v1.9.0 with Release notes for the merged PRs between v1.8.0 and now.

Link to the Release: v1.9.0

Next week, Its a Major release for ChatCraft v2.0.0. Working towards making some meaningful contributions for that.

Happy Coding!

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