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Dilek Karasoy for Picovoice

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Voice AI with Raspberry Pi - ReSpeaker

For day 44 we'll use Porcupine Wake Word and Seeed Studio ReSpeaker.

Let's get started!
1. Installation

  • Follow the instructions on Seeed Studio to install and set up the microphone array.

-Install the demo:

sudo pip3 install ppnrespeakerdemo
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Porcupine Wake Word requires a valid AccessKey at initialization If you haven't already, grab your AccessKey from Picovoice Console for free.

2. Usage
Below are the colors associated with supported wake words for this demo:

  • #ffff33 Alexa
  • #ff8000 Bumblebee
  • #ffffff Computer
  • #ff0000 Hey Google
  • #800080 Hey Siri
  • #ff3399 Jarvis
  • #00ff00 Picovoice
  • #0000ff Porcupine
  • 000000 Terminator

  • Run the demo. Do not forget to replace the placeholder with your AccessKey

porcupine_respeaker_demo --access_key ${ACCESS_KEY}
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Wait for the demo to initialize and print [Listening] in the terminal.

Say Picovoice
The demo outputs:
detected 'Picovoice'
The lights are now set to green.

Say Alexa
The lights are set to yellow now.

Say Terminator
The lights are now turned off.

_Happy Pi Day! _

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