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Dilek Karasoy for Picovoice

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Day 2: Chrome Extension for Voice-Activated Web

Picovoice’s Porcupine Wake Word engine, plus WebAssembly, now allows web browsers to run wake words using on-device voice AI - within web browsers.

A dedicated wake word engine is the only feasible way to achieve always-listening behaviour since it’s impractical—and a privacy nightmare—to continuously have a hot mic open to a cloud API. Without a phrase to trigger the application (i.e. trigger word), it’s not possible to offer an end-to-end hands-free experience as voice assistants Alexa or Siri does.

Proof-of-concept Chrome extension that is powered by Porcupine Wake Word SDK for Web offers multiple wake word options to trigger Google search.

The Chrome voice extension is open source and available on GitHub. Although the extension is Chrome-only, the web SDK supports all modern web browsers including Safari, Firefox and Edge. It has additional packages for Angular, React, and Vue.

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