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Passenger's Leap: Bridging Jira and Source Code with Precision

I Wanted to share a late-night breakthrough with Passenger (unreleased yet). It's now adept at comparing live Jira tickets directly against any source code, regardless of the language. And yes, it's as powerful as it sounds.

I tested its mettle against some intentionally mismatched code. The result? Passenger gave feedback that was spot-on, almost mirroring a seasoned developer's scrutiny. Imagine integrating this level of review seamlessly into your BDD process.

I'll be diving deeper soon, but felt this was too promising not to give you all a sneak peek. Eager to hear your insights.

Match Score:

    Topic Mismatch:
        Pass/Fail: Fail
        Source: The main focus is on "PigeonPoints Accumulation Issue".
        WIP: The focus is on "Adding items to cart".
        Feedback: The WIP implementation does not match the topic from the source of truth at all.

    Scenario Mismatch:
        Pass/Fail: Fail
        Source: A single scenario focusing on accumulating PigeonPoints when tasks are completed.
        WIP: Multiple scenarios focusing on adding products to a cart.
        Feedback: The WIP implementation's scenarios are entirely unrelated to the scenario in the source of truth.

    Steps Mismatch:
        Pass/Fail: Fail
        Source: Steps revolve around installing an app, completing tasks, and observing pigeons.
        WIP: Steps revolve around product addition to a shopping cart.
        Feedback: None of the steps in the WIP implementation align with the steps from the source of truth.

    Use of Scenario Outlines and Placeholders:
        Pass/Fail: Fail (based on relevance to source of truth)
        Source: No use of placeholders (<...>) or scenario outlines.
        WIP: The WIP implementation makes use of placeholders and implies the use of scenario outlines, even if not explicitly mentioned.
        Feedback: The WIP adds complexity that wasn't present in the original scenario from the source of truth.

    Overall Relevance:
        Pass/Fail: Fail
        Feedback: The WIP implementation seems to be for an entirely different feature and doesn't relate to the source of truth in any clear way.

Overall Feedback:

The WIP implementation does not align with the source of truth. They represent different features and different domains of problems. It's crucial to revisit the requirements and ensure that the WIP implementation aligns with the intended feature to avoid potential misalignments in future development phases.
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Its particularly interesting that it calls you out and tells you to go read the ticket again!

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