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Adam Crockett 🌀
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👽 0.2.1 Amalgam takes the back seat and becomes Passenger

Amalgam, that were the prototype name of the tool designed to wipe out manual tests, matching your ticket with your functional code and spinning a similarity score and also tests, docs and even feedback.
But having had a proper think on it, I'm wondering if "Amalgam" truly captures the essence. It sounds a tad too wild for a tool of this nature.
It's more like a passenger, ain't it? Riding alongside you, occasionally nudging you right if you veer off, but still letting you be the master of your own journey.

After crossing a grand milestone last week, Amalgam has taken on the name 'Passenger'. And, just so you know, she's (identified as she/her) now crafted in TypeScript, leaving Rust for another day. And instead of trotting along with node.js, she's now galloping with a single executable binary powered by Bun.

I hope you'll join me in bringing this FOSS tool to the masses so we never have to fear about developing the wrong solution again, thanks AI. (Oh you might notice, this is an AI tool that assists you and does not and will not replace you)

The milestones

  1. I wrote some connectors and a generic connector class so its easy to add support to get ticket information from Jira (so far) and cache that so we don't keep making requests as often. An obvious goal is to keep costs down. You can easily clear the caches to fetch fresh responses.

  2. We can now convert to tickets to the wonderful BDD language Gherkin really easily which opens up test generation and comparison

  3. Passenger is focusing on a single files right now but that will extend to:
    a: realtime feedback of the file you edited
    b: A whole PR's worth of files

GitHub logo Passenger-CAA / passenger-cli

Passenger redefines software testing alignment with business needs. Using a unique mechanism, it converts tickets and code into comparable formats, ensuring perfect development-business sync. Goal? Eradicate manual test writing, maximizing efficiency and precision.


Passenger, named subtly after the diligent passenger pigeon, is a tool that pairs your code with project objectives by comparing source code against issues from GitHub or Jira. Through AI, it assesses the alignment and offers feedback, aiding developers in aligning their code accurately with project goals.


  • Real-time comparison between source code and GitHub Issues or Jira tickets, empowered by AI.
  • Scoring system that measures the alignment between code and project objectives, providing actionable feedback to developers.
  • User-friendly CLI for effortless interaction.

Getting Started

Connect to GitHub

  1. Add the GitHub App to your organization or specific repo(s) through the Passenger Code-Alignment Assistant App for a one-click secure connection.
  2. Populate the following environment variables:
# Github only
# The private key you generated using the GitHub app
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