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Solving fake issues: Jira Connector Development

Starting from scratch can be a puzzle, can't it? Even more of a head scratch-er if you only have some of the pieces!
Here I am with a tool in the works ready to tackle Jira issues in an innovative way (more on that in earlier posts). But for this chat, let's sidestep those specifics. My aim? To guide you on tackling tasks from platforms like Jira, Assana, GitHub issues, and the like, even if you don’t have an actual company’s problems at hand.


Ive done all the pondering already so you don't have to, go setup a Jira

Setting up jira free plan

Go ahead and setup a free Jira for your org, mine is Amalgam (that’s the name of the tool I’m writing).

Now then just select the basics when prompted.

Now what?

I have a board, its empty, I need to populate it with junk so that my tool can solve problems that my real customers would face, I have no time for this... Oh ChatGPT, come here a sec!


I am writing a tool that needs to consume Jira issues, I need a fake project idea and a issue to raise, make sure its a bit silly and animal related.
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It gave me something complex so I said

make it a todo list
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Its very important to choose a ridiculous idea that is very narrow in scope such as a todo list, because these are our new test cases, we understand what a todo list is. we need to understand a tiny bit about what the fake company is so we can sense check. The plan is to use our new tool and test against this test case company and its issues.

I suggest creating one bug and one feature or whatever you might need, you will need to enable those issue types.

Image description

A bug

Ask ChatGPT to create your first bug. Be aware that it may mention attachments; such as customer complaint screenshots, if your tool is going to use images, you need to mock those, I suggest getting it to write that for you and then fake it to look real like mocking it into a Zendesk style UI.

A Feature

It might mention a flowchart attachments this time, ask it to provide a serialized flow chart and ask it to suggest a way to generate the image - many things can be serialized you would be surprised.

For every rich detail it gives you... it will present you with problems, you don`t have to solve them yourself.

The end

I now have my Jira test cases, now I can go and write my Amalgam SaaS tool :D

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