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Amalgam: Roadmap to 0.1.0

900 of you lovely people ❤️ have read about my promise of never writing tests again whilst using AI to score your solution agains for example Jira, and then it will provide feedback. Well you folks also provided great feedback thank you!

Entering production

After swearing that it would need a team and I probably won’t write much more than a prototype, I’m afraid I got a little hooked on the idea. So tonight at 8pm A repository will go live. I have another contributor I will be inviting too.

No rust

I was using rust, but I need to be productive and write faster iterations and then we will focus on performance, write version 2.0.0 in rust.

How would you use the tool

I’m going to develop the tool to work at the pull request stage, I think this will make discovering files that as a whole contribute towards solving a ticket and therefore all can be scanned, graded and your report will be delivered to you.
Therefore it is initially a pipeline tool.
I do want to make it more real-time and performant so that is where IDE plug-ins and a cli come in.

Developing ideas

It’s been said that I could even use tickets to generate code and gherkin. So yea this is now a bi directional concept and that means your scrum master could generate a starting point potentially

Right well that’s it for now. I’ll keep you posted!

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