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The Collab Lab Week 3 - Thursday

No coding today. I listened in on Slack to see what the other team is working on. I also requested the a review of my pair's pull request.

This is the deploy preview of our latest work. One of the two other team members approved. I think I should wait for both to approve before asking for a mentor review.

Something that has come up is how to make sure we are working separately in pairs but in a way that our code works as a whole. Maybe it takes some extra communication and taking cues from the code that has already been written by the other pair.

I love that we have this low-stakes environment to have The Collab Lab experience. The little things will get worked out and if we ever find ourselves on a team in a professional setting, we'll have some real life experience to draw from. It can be scary when you approach a problem or hit a snag for the first time ever.

This is a great chance to get those first lessons out of the way. Some mistakes you only have to make once.

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