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Collab Lab Week 4 - Thursday & Friday

I had a good streak going, but in all the excitement of my pair programming screen, I completely forgot to write on Thursday.

It's been about two days off of The Collab Lab too. I'm working on getting the PopSchools website ready to open doors for members. I haven't really looked at or thought about the project code since the pairing session with Mike on Wednesday.

Do you wanna hear about my pair programming screen? It was pretty good. It took me awhile and some hints to start getting oriented to the code and making progress on fixing the bug and adding features.

My number one takeaway was that this is something I can practice. I can start looking at other people's code more. That's actually another benefit I can get out of The Collab Lab. Every week each pair takes a user story. I could pay closer attention to the work I didn't contribute code to.

In other news, I've been physically miserable for the past several days. My skin is itchy and inflamed all over my body. It hurts. Being in nearly constant pain and discomfort is tiring. I could have easily slept through these past few days if I didn't have other responsibilities.

I'm pushing through. I should probably see a doctor. It's times like these I wish I could borrow some executive functioning and decent health insurance.

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