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Collab Lab Week 4 - Monday

Week four and I'm back to my first partner from week one, Mike. Mike was on it with getting our wiki page started and assigning the both of us to the issue we agreed to work on this week.

We met today to talk about the user story and plan the work for this week. I asked a question about product management earlier in Slack and Mike gave me some insight from his previous career experience.

We talked a lot about what it takes to be a recruiter (a possible career path for me) and also things to keep in mind when interviewing for a job. What to say when an interviewer asks for questions (ask for feedback so that you learn from the experience) and how to approach people with cold emails and networking.

What I appreciate about our meeting today is that it went off-track from the project with our career talk but we still ended up with a plan and assigned tasks. I love that everyone on the team has a unique perspective that I can learn from. I feel like I contribute as much as I receive. It's a great group of people to work with.

Mike created the wiki this week, so I opened the pull request and created our feature branch. I learned about draft pull requests through The Collab Lab and created my first one today.

Bonus: I thought this Twitter thread by Sam Altman was insightful

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