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The Collab Lab Week 3 - Saturday

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The Collab Lab (15 Part Series)

1) Learning to Be Noisy - Collab Lab Week 2 2) The Collab Lab Week 3 - Monday 3 ... 13 3) The Collab Lab Week 3 - Tuesday 4) The Collab Lab Week 3 - Wednesday 5) The Collab Lab Week 3 - Thursday 6) The Collab Lab Week 3 - Friday 7) The Collab Lab Week 3 - Saturday 8) The Collab Lab Week 3 - Sync 9) Collab Lab Week 4 - Monday 10) Collab Lab Week 4 - Tuesday 11) Collab Lab Week 4 - Wednesday 12) Collab Lab Week 4 - Thursday & Friday 13) Collab Lab Week 6 - What happens when we need more time? 14) Collab Lab Week 6 - A wild infinite loop 15) Collab Lab - That's a Wrap

Not much to say about today in collab lab land. Yesterday when I met with Mike I saw the code that would go into today's pull request. It was working and it was very smooth to approve it today as a team member. So Saturday was basically a day off. I'm really glad Mike and I got a chance to Zoom yesterday. We got all the kinks worked out and today was easy peasy.

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