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Learning to Be Noisy - Collab Lab Week 2

I am one of four developers in The Collab Lab cohort 3. We are in our second of eight weeks. From the beginning it's been an incredibly valuable experience.

There are so many things about working on a team that just can't be duplicated when working alone. The practice and act of collaborating is a big one.

When I agreed to participate in this cohort, I said I'd "try" to document my experience. We all know how that goes. I'm gonna go ahead and publicly commit to documenting my experience and everything I'm learning.

Because I am kind to myself, I'm not going to try to go back and recall everything I wanted to say about The Collab Lab so far. Today is a start! Tomorrow is an opportunity to build on what I just started.

I'm sharing the two weekly sync videos that exist. It's totally embarrassing because I have a lot of practicing to do in getting comfortable with speaking about my work and verbal communication in general.

Here are my pair's wiki pages for the first two weeks, too.

I had a lot of fun setting these up and adding to them. I have a goal to improve upon my documentation and communication (through commit messages, slack, reviews) each week.

Good thing yer girl has a growth mindset. I'm okay with being temporarily embarrassed. I'm sure at the end of eight weeks I'll be fine, maybe even comfortable.

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