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TexCreate v2.3 Plans

I would be lying if I said I haven't looked at TexCreate in a while as starting up Mufi-Lang has been eating much of my development time. But I also have been getting some more ideas of what else to add and the future of the project.

First off, TexCreate has hit over 2K downloads!!! I'm honestly quite happy to see people downloading my project, and it motivates me to make it better. So let's go through some of the new changes I want to implement:

Release Model

My plans for releases is to release a new minor version or patch every 2 months to provide enough time between working on TexCreate and Mufi-Lang.

Changes for 2.3

These are some of the new changes I plan on implementing:

  • Fixes to texc-web
    • Currently has issues related to temporary directories
  • Using tectonic as the compiler to provide everything being Rust.

This doesn't seem too much, but it's impact is quite a lot. First off fixing texc-web will allow me to finally add it to the TexCreate website and adding tectonic will remove the need for texcreate.toml and make the whole compile situation more seamless.

Expected Arrival

I hope to implement and release these changes within 2 months, and it gives me enough time to not rush any code, and bring any other changes that may come up.

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